Discover Tuscany

unique and handcrafted cycles

we want to create an electric mobility system, made of eco-friendly and high level designed cycles”

Born to give you a different experience in Montepulciano and its surroundings

Rent the electric bicycles, delivered directly to our villa, with a GPS navigation system with which it will be very easy to discover exclusive routes in our beautiful Tuscany.

The electric bicycle tours do not require special training or specific preparation, just comfortable clothes and a pair of sports shoes.

Bike rental includes: helmet, back pack, k-way, smartphone with GPS system, battery charger.

FEBO a Montepulciano
scooter upon your arrival at the villa
wine and food
Discover Tuscany
Learn how to harvest grapes with us
Discover Tuscany
exclusively for you in our villas
exclusively for you in our villas